Exposure of the skin to the sun is useful if the limit is not exceeded if the limit is exceeded, effects begin if adequate protection is not used. In the skin, under the influence of the sun’s rays, capillaries expand, which increases circulation. This protects the skin better and makes it easier to flush out harmful substances. Quality circulation is a basic prerequisite for good functioning and it’s beauty. In addition, the skin produces vitamin D, which is necessary for the growth of healthy bones and teeth.

Without proper protection, our skin dries out and dandruff when in contact with the sun. If we forget that and do not consult a dermatologist, the symptoms can continue even more. It is possible for itchy skin to appear on the skin and if we still decide to go in the sun on the beautiful beaches that are slowly waking up it is necessary to abide by the rules to try to protect yourself from ultraviolet radiation.


Our Skin

When exposed to the sun in the summer, be sure to use :

  1. protective moisturizers(apply to skin every 2 hours) https://bit.ly/2Y1YRNH
  2. from 11 am to 16 pm get away from sunny beaches( at that time ultraviolet radiation is strongest)
  3. Even if you are in the shade, remember that 50% of ultraviolet radiation passes through those places as well
  4. protect your head with hats, caps or scarves
  5. protect your eyes (use better sunscreens that have a UV filter)


But if we return from the beach so red dandruff and unpleasant itching will continue even more Dermatologists claim that allergic reactions can occur because the skin is already irritated. They recommended Zincbased preparations.  Dermatologist advises us to change our habits such as tobacco and alcohol, dead skin must be removed with exfoliation, which is very important to do at least once a week, Dermatologist then recommended that we apply moisturizers or lotions to create a barrier between the skin and external factors. Coconut oil-based preparations are suitable for dandruff-prone skin.


Tip: showering with very hot water should be avoided because it additionally dries the skin– lukewarm water should be used. The use of air conditioners indoors dries the air and this additionally has a bad effect. It would be best to visit our dermatologist before choosing cosmetics because if we choose inappropriate aggressive cosmetics that contain artificial fragrances, we can do more harm than good it. If you can’t go to a dermatologist, my advise is to try hypoallergenic products, they will not lead to irritation or dandruff.


Take care of your skin and nourish it in all sessions, whether summer or winter, it is our largest organ that protects us from external microorganisms.https://health-lives.com/product/neutrogena-sunscreen-50-zinc/



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