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In this blog, we will talk about how to properly maintain hair and what are factors that affect the damage to our hair.


There are many factors that affect the damage to our hair. Ignoring hair damage, not going to the hairdresser because you want long hair, will lead to consequences. Also rough comping, constant binding, too frequent washing with the wrong shampoos, varnishing, applying gels, foams and anything that only causes layers of damage.


Combining that we do everyday van have a bad effect. Namely, if we comb our hair should be combed from the bottom a little, then slowly go a few cm to the root and not all at once.

Damaged Hair

Hair should not be washed every day. I know that now some of you will say “NO, that is not possible,” but it has been scientifically proven that healthier and shinier hair is in people who wash their hair twice a week. When washing, use products that are good for your hair type. Not every hair is the same. If your hair is rough to the touch, it is a sign that it is dry and that the cuticles are not lying down but are raised. Wash your hair with a cool stitch to close the cuticles. Try apple cider. If the PH value of the hair is too high, it can cause coarse hair. Rinsing with apple cider vinegar can turn the PH value to normal and give an instant shine.

 For Damaged Hair Coconut Oil

Try coconut oil for hair. It perfectly moisturizes the hair and nourishes it with vitamins. I from personal experience recommend if you have thin hair. It is best to apply it on your hair the night before bathing and leave it overnight. So in the morning when you get up to wash it will not difficult to wash it out of your hair such as coconut oil and almond oil. After coconut therapy, your hair will be very soft and shiny and in addition, you have nourished your hair with vitamins. You can always use the oil that is applied after drying, best on a natural basis(burdock oil).


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Do not use any hair shampoos. You must choose shampoos that do not contain sulfates. Choose one hair growth I personally use Natural anti-grey shampoo  https://health-lives.com/product/natural-hair-shampoo/ , applied only once smells very nice and the hair is not greasy, is not dry and the hair is nicely ironed it is fluttery and does not creak under the fingers. You can work nicely with it.


In addition, you must make sure you use a quality hairdryer. I do not recommend a high temperature during drying, but the lowest and drying speed to be lower  https://health-lives.com/product/hair-dryer/. It is best to dry your hair when it is 70% dry to use a hairdryer as little as possible. It is necessary not to disperse the hair but to keep it under control when drying… Try this Microfiber Towels for your damaged hair.


If you have a natural hair colour and you want to dedicate just a little hair then I recommend for you to do a California hair wash at the hairdresser. It will lead to a slightly lighter hair shade than your natural colour and it is not harmful to your hair and eyes. But if you already have coloured hair, you must be careful to use products to restore shine and softness to your hair. The recommendation of the hairdresser is that if you want to dye, you should never go for much of a different colour from your natural one because that will make it easier to maintain. And go painting less often.


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Change your habits and attitude. Avoid anything that causes damage. It will take a while but after a couple of months, your damaged hair can shine again.


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