What are factors affect the damage to our hair?


There are many factors that affect the damage to our hair. Ignoring hair damage, not going to the hairdresser because you want long hair, will lead to consequences. Also rough comping, constant binding, too frequent washing with the wrong shampoos, varnishing, applying gels, foams, and anything that only causes layers of damage.

Our hair (hair) consists of 3 layers 

  1. Module, inner part of the hair
  2. Cortex, the central part of the hair
  3. Cuticle, the outer part of the hair.

The cortex layer consists of keratin, ie. part of the protein. In the hair cortex, there is a hair pigment. These are biological dyes that give hair a natural color. It depends on the pigment whether our hair is yellow, black, or brown. The elasticity of the hair and the strength also depend on the cortex.

The outer layer consists of extinct pink hair cells. The appearance of our hair depends on this layer shine.

When the outer part of the hair is damaged, the hair loses its shine. Therefore, we also lose our shine in a way because every person likes to have healthy hair.

Combining that we do everyday van has a bad effect. Namely, if we comb our hair should be combed from the bottom a little, then slowly go a few cm to the root and not all at once.

Of course, there is also frequent hair washing. Many of us wash our hair every day with strong chemical shampoos and thus take away the shine from our hair. It would be best if you could wash your hair once a week. Yes, now many of you will be horrified and say No, that is not possible, I can’t do that, but you should try. slowly gradually reduce the number of days of washing your hair.

Many people use a hairdryer when drying their hair. Some of the fans can further upset your hair because they lack speed and burn your hair. A hair straightener has the same effect. therefore you have to be very careful when choosing hairdryers and hair straighteners.

My recommendation is to wash your hair in the morning and keep it in a microfiber towel until it is completely dripped. and when drying it if you have the chance do not use a hairdryer. dry your hair naturally. So your hair will retain moisture. 

People who dye their hair have far greater damage to their hair than those who have natural color.

Symptoms of damaged hair are visible to the eye. If you notice that your hair is less shiny, if it is coarse in texture, very dry, blooming ends, inelastic, too tangled, you have damaged hair. So if your hair is already damaged, I recommend that you bring it back to life in a natural way. Protect your hair, create healthy habits, and maintain adequate hair care.

Change the shampoo, find yourself a shampoo that will nourish and nourish your hair. The shampoo should be mild, and free of parabens and silicones. It should have adequate ingredients that restore and regenerate your hair.

There are nettle and chamomile flower shampoos that can contribute a lot to the shine of your hair. And you can restore hair shine with hair oils based on coconut, aloe vera, olive oil, jojoba oil, argan oil,… All these oils have specific properties and vitamins that will nourish your hair.

If you opt for the coconut variant, then I recommend coconut oil for hair, which, in addition to smelling nice, also has small molecules that can penetrate into the interior of the hair and hydrate it deeply. You can apply coconut oil on dry hair so that you will have protection throughout the day. It creates a protective layer on the outer layer of the hair, retains moisture, and prevents damage caused by other external factors.

Recovery of coarse hair is most often done with apple cider vinegar. It returns the PH value of the hair to normal.

But if you have thin hair and brittle, in addition to adequate shampoo, you must also eat food that is rich in protein and omega 3 fatty acids. This will speed up hair growth and recovery.

If you follow all these rules your hair can be healthy But again I repeat the daily routine, as well as the weather conditions, destroy the hair. So, unfortunately, the hair is damaged very quickly.


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