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Health Benefit of Drinking Water


Many people do not know how water affects our health.

Did you know that if we drink water regularly we can help our body to :

lose weight, digestion, function in the brain, better exercise, headache prevention, skin.

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Most people know that the majority of our body in the water yet from time to time. We still do not drink enough water and we catch ourselves dehydrated. Some signs of dehydration are increased thirst, being tired or sleepy, dry mouth, decreased urine output, headache, dry skin, dizziness, and urine of a darker hue. As an adult should excrete 5-7 times urine. If during that time he notices that the urine is yellow, it is sometimes a sign that he is not absorbing enough water into the body.

Health Benefit of Drinking Water

If we drink enough water we clear our body from toxins. Drink water as soon as you wake up, it will eliminate your sleepiness and it helps you fill up your stomach so that you do not eat as much. This is a great way to reduce food intake and cut pounds if you are trying to lose weight.

Also drinking water on an empty stomach, you stimulate the growth of red blood cells which creates more oxygen in the blood and helps you feel full of energy and fresh. Do you have headaches in the morning or during the day it may mean that you do not have enough water? If you start taking water regularly, you can reduce headaches.

Health Benefit of Drinking Water

Water is needed by your immune system by maintaining a stable balance between the common cold and the flu, your body will reduce the infection. Drinking water on an empty stomach will make you less likely to get sick. Drinking a sufficient amount of water will keep your skin clear and glowing. That is that if you drink water you will sweat and the amount of acne on your face will decrease gradually.

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An adult heart and brain are almost three-quarters water. Also, our blood and cells inside our body have % of water. You know thinking we have a lot of percentage of water in our body, way we need then drink water. That it is because we are every day lost 1~3 L of water, trough ours sweat, urine, bowel movements, and even just from breathing.

Then drink water and stay healthy.



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