The Best Food On Planet Important For our Health

Avocado is a very healthy food for the heart.

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Do you know what the healthiest foods are?

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The Healthiest Food on the Planet


Firstly is a lemon. The main reason is the large amount of vitamin C, which increases the level of good cholesterol and strengthens bones. Its flavonoids are real fighters against cancer cells and soothe all inflammations.

I will place broccoli in the second place after the lemon. Broccoli is an extremely rich vegetable with Vitamin C and vitamin K. Broccoli is important for bone health and you will get the most of its vitamins if you eat it fresh.

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Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate is also very healthy. This may not be a natural food but it is still healthy. It is a true guardian of the heart and healthy blood pressure, it is full of flavonoids and antioxidants that regulate the levels of good and bad cholesterol. Dark chocolate is full of iron (cocoa). Only dark chocolate is healthy while the other chocolates are not.


Potatoes are rich in folate, which is important for building cells and prevention DNA changes that can cause cancer. Contain the same amount of folate as a bowl of spinach or broccoli, but also vitamin A, eight times more than your daily needs. This vitamin is important for defending against diseases. Experts also advise for potatoes to be eaten chilled as this increases fat burning by 25% after the meal.


Salmon is extremely rich in Omega 3 acids, which are essential for hearths health, the fight against cancer and depression. It also contains niacin, which improves memory and fights Alzheimer’s disease. If you have the chance, eat wild salmon. Walnuts and almonds regulate sleep thanks to melatonin, but the key ingredient is Omega 3 fatty acids. They reduce cholesterol, protects the skin from the sun and improve your mood.


Avocado is a very healthy food for the heart. The avocado lowers cholesterol levels, reduces the risk of heart disease and increases the absorption of beta carotene if you mix it in a vegetable salad.

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Garlic is omnipotent. It protects the body from bacteria, prevents inflammation, lowers cholesterol and it lowers blood pressure. Allicin is the main ingredient. It recommended that you consume it fresh.


Spinach should NOT be avoided if you think about health. Doctors claim that the most effective food in the fight against cancer is thanks to antioxidants (lutein and zeaxanthin). You can add spinach to a smoothie with the addition of a banana, apple or carrots.

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