The Best From Carrots | Queen Of Vegetable | Few Tips

Fresh carrots can be found throughout the year, you can eat it raw or as an addition to meals.

Carrots Queen of Vegetable

Most of us are familiar with orange carrots, but there are also purple, red, yellow and black carrots.


While orange carrots are popular in Europe, South Asia and Africa, purple ones are mostly used.

Carrots Queen of Vegetable | Few Tips

Free Coaching ClassEat one carrot a day and you will notice fantastic changes in the body. Carrots are rich in vitamins A, C, K and B8, as well as folate, potassium, iron, copper and manganese.

Fresh carrots can be found throughout the year, you can eat them raw or as an addition to meals.


The most important effect that carrots have on our health is that they improve eyesight. These vegetable are rich in vitamin A, which has a direct effect on our eyesight.

In addition, beta carotene in carrots protects against glaucoma and cataracts.

Carrots with their antioxidant powers of carotenoids prevent the development of free radicals in the body, it prevents the development of cancer cells. Carrots strengthen immunity and resistance to many diseases. Regular consumption of carrots reduces the risk of lung, colon and prostate cancer. High levels of vitamin A in carrots play an important role in expelling toxins from the body. In addition, carrots reduce fat deposits in the liver, while fibre helps cleanse the liver. Constipation and heartburn. By consuming carrots regularly, you will prevent bloating, constipation and heartburn.

A lot of people believe that Carrots Queen of Vegetable.

Carrot mask:

Mix a tablespoon of carrot juice and a tablespoon of olive oil, apply the mixture to the face. After 20 minutes, wipe your face with a towel. Do not wash or need to apply the cream. Apply this mask twice a week.


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