Wrap Made my Way

Wrap Made my Way


250g of packaged chicken

250g of packaged veal (or sheep) meat

1.red onion



4.medium-sized tomatoes

5.larger eggplant

6.red pepper

7.green pepper, salt, pepper, wrap, and oil.

To add a salad you need~ 1 lettuce head,3 large tomatoes, 3 cucumbers, and mayonnaise.

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For this wrap, you need firstly chop the red onion into small cubes, put it in a pan to slowly fry in a little oil. When the onion gets a golden colour, then add finely chopped carrots, simmer slowly at a reduced temperature: when the carrots soften a little add finely chopped peppers and an eggplant. Then salt and pepper as you like. After a few minutes add the tomatoes also chopped into pieces or mashed, when a little tomato cooks with all the other vegetables add the meat. Stir, add salt again and leave to simmer for another 30/40 min (note: do not add a lot of water as it will drain from the wrap later).

Add grated garlic and simmer until the mixture is dry.

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Meanwhile, prepare the tomatoes (cut into rings)  and list lettuce leaves and cut the cucumber into thin sticks. Place on the wrap a few lettuce leaves and a few tomato rings and 2-3 thin cucumber sticks. Put 3-4 tablespoons of the finished cooled mixture on that salad. And on the end add mayonnaise and roll the wrap. Try those recipes.

Enjoy in Wrap made my Way!

With different ingredients, you can make a different wrap. Try these recipes. A wrap made my way. The usual flatbreads are wheat tortillas.

Always try healthy eating.


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