Muscle Fatigue and Pain in the Legs

Muscle fatigue and pain in the legs above the knee after physical movement or running are completely normal occurrence.

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Muscle fatigue and pain in the legs above the knee after physical movement or running are completely normal occurrence. But there are several reasons that could affect the development of pain. These are varicose veins, restless legs syndrome and diabetes.
Pain in the legs below the knee can be inflamed. The weakness of the veins and arteries caused by the accumulation of fatty deposits inside the blood vessels.

A flat foot can cause pain in the leaves. Symptoms of varicose veins include severe pain, a feeling of tightness and heaviness in the legs, itching and burning with a burning sensation.

It occurs more often in women than in men and occurs due to prolonged standing or sitting.
A disorder called EKBOMPV syndrome indicates problems with the legs at rest. You will recognize this syndrome by its symptoms and it is not just a feeling of mild pain in your legs. Since it is a neurological problem, it most often appears in middle age. There are also much younger patients, but these are the exceptions. One of the causes of the syndrome can be a genetic predisposition that occurs in 40-92% of patients. The exact cause is not yet known, but it has been linked to neurological system dysfunction.

When a person is diagnosed with diabetes in some patients, the sensitivity to touch can be so great that they are bothered by sheets or light touches. This disease is one of the causes of the diabetic foot because patients do not feel pain in their feet and easily create injuries that can become inflamed. To relieve pain during this illness, treatment focuses on diabetes regulation, movement, leg exercises, and medication therapy recommended by your doctor…
Improper lifting of the load leads to lumboischialgia. It is a very sharp pain that spreads towards the foot through the gluteal region, sometimes all the way to the toes.
Here are some tips that can help you in a natural way

Baking soda:

We believe you use baking soda in your household for a variety of purposes. But did you know it helps relieve pain and swelling in your feet? The reason lies in the fact that baking soda has anti-inflammatory. Soothing properties that can relieve inflammation and pain in the feet.


The feeling of cold provided by ice can also provide quick relief. Wrap a few ice cubes in a clean cloth and apply to a sore leg or foot. You will immediately feel relief, and ice can alleviate the swelling if it has appeared.
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Take care of your health.

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