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Vitamins that are necessary for nails

How nails look can tell us a lot about our health and nutrient intake. Thus a particular defect may appear in the form of dots, dashes, or discoloration on the nails.

Foods that have a beneficial effect on nails will help you have healthy, shiny and firm nails. One of the essential nutrients needed not only for nail health, but also for hair and skin is biton and biton we can find in:

2. nuts,
3. seeds,
4. potatoes.

Collagen is a protein found in nails and contributes to strong and healthy nails, so we need to get enough vitamin C, which is very important for collagen production. Vitamin C can be taken through:

1. citrus,
2. red and yellow peppers,
3. kale,

Iron is another very important nutrient for nail health and strength.Foods are rich in iron:
1. beans,
2. eggs,
3. tofu,
4. nuts,
5. spinach.

Be sure to take vitamin C when consuming iron-rich foods to increase iron absorption in the body.


The group of B vitamins includes B12 and B9 , which are also much needed for healthy and strong nails.They can be found in:
1. cereals
2. eggs
3. beans
4. seeds
Folic acid or vitamin B9 is usually recommended for pregnant women because of the development of their babies. It is also very important for the growth and health of nails. This vitamin, as well as B12, contributes to the formation of red blood cells and the transport of oxygen to the nail cells.
Omega 3 acids contribute to nail shine, so a lack of this nutrient can lead to dry and damaged nails.
Zinc and magnesium are also essential for healthy and firm nails. They can be found in natural sources such as:
1. legumes
2. nuts and seeds
3. avocado
4. tofu
5. dark chocolate
6. eggs
7. green beans (eg. lentils and beans).
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