Pine essential oil is obtained from fresh shoots of pine needles by the method of water distillation.
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In the evergreen forests there are a lot of various evergreen trees with light green needles and reddish bark. There are also tamaris whose juice soothes cough and makes it less painful.
Staying in coniferous forests is useful for everyone. Mostly for people with respiratory problems because the air in these forests is rich in essential oils of pine, fir and spruce. Also which facilitates and deepens breathing. Air in them is purified so in these forests it prevents respiratory infections and cures existing ones. Essential oils from coniferous trees destroy microorganisms.

Forest Walks

Morning forest walks are effective therapy for the mind, joy for the heart and an elixir of health for our lungs.Just try a 30-minute walk through the forest and you will reduced your stress. With the addition to all the listed benefits of staying in it. If you do not have a forest nearby and even a park with trees or a tree under the window, can become an oasis of peace for a person. The air in the forests has been purified. Therefore, in these forests, respiratory tract infections are prevented and existing ones are treated.

This is not all that nature has done to the participants in the research. Walks in the forests may not be a cure for the seriously ill but it helps health.
Pine needles have high amounts of vitamin C compared to other tree species.
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Recipe for Pine Needle Honey. The preparation of “honey” from pine needles does not require much time and ingredients. But the syrup should be aged for 40 days in the sun before use.

  • 1kg of pine, fir or spruce needles
  • 1kg of honey
  • 1 lemon

1. Gather as many young shoots of needles as possible. Preferably from forest areas where the air is unpolluted, wash them well and leave to dry.
2. Put a thin layer of honey to the bottom of a clean and dry jar.
3. Then a thick layer of needles over the honey.
4. Apply a layer of honey and the needle in turn, squeezing them towards the bottom of the jar until you reach the top.
5. Between several layers, add a couple of slices of lemon so if you want a citrus aroma.
6. Close the jar tightly and leave it in a sunny hot place. During this time, the needles will release the resin from which the syrup or honey is formed.
After 40 days (5-6 weeks) strain the syrup and pour into smaller jars.  You can take 1-2 teaspoons every morning before meals. Enjoy your forest walk!


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