Music Therapy | Music is a Cure

Hello people

What kind of music do you listen to?

Did you know that music affects mental psychic development, children and adults? Do you know music can cheer you up? But also make you unhappy and sad? There are children’s songs for children that should listen to.

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Depending on age, it should slowly adapt. If you are a music creator, in order for this music to be accepted by the people in the world, that music should come from the heart. When you bring the heart into music, it will prevail.

Interesting facts:

One farmer came up with the idea of playing music to his cows to produce better, and larger amounts of milk per day. This idea of his was successful and persistent in the decision.

Music Therapy | Music is a Cure

Music Therapy | Music is a Cure

In the treatment of many nerve-based diseases, music is used as a successful treatment therapy. Music therapy is also used for children with impaired speech, so to this day we have many singers who are blind and sing professionally. Music is used in both spiritual pain and suffering. It is said to be successful in people with Alzheimer’s disease. They say what kind of music you listen to that you are.

Do you play music while driving?

Many of us do. In some cities, such as Malta, it is not legally forbidden to play loud music, so while drinking coffee or tea in the house or apartment you can hear a lot of loud music from cars passing by the apartment. While in some European countries it is illegal, and you will get punished if you do that. For example, in Germany, if you play loud music in the city to disturb your neighbours, the police warden will immediately give you a warning.

How much of us remember Italy at the beginning of COVID-19, do you remember how the people fought against it? Do you remember how every night we had the opportunity to listen through social media to the beautiful music in the evening? That consolation to all of us. We all supported Italy.

So if you find your self in a situation where your heart hurts, try music therapy.
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Keep healthy with us! 🙂

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