Which Is Better | Coffee Arabica Or Robusta Learn The Differences

Coffee Arabica and Coffee Robusta

Do you drink coffee? Are you know the origin of that miraculous drink, do you know who was the first to start coffee production? And who is the biggest coffee producer today? How do you make coffee and also will you find all those answers here if you keep reading?

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Coffee is the most popular beverage in the world today. Even today, it is not known exactly when this miraculous plant was found. But historians have agreed that Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee. Coffee got its name from that area of Ethiopia. Known as opium. Coffee is a perennial herbaceous plant that grows about 3m in height. Branches are formed every spring and if not pruned, they would grow up to 10 meters. In this way, the manufacturer tries to limit height. It takes a lot of sunny space, but not directly in the sun.

The best temperature for development is 12-27 degrees and a large amount of rain. The leaves grow opposite of each other and are green in colour and their shape is oval and oblong. The flowers are fragrant growing next to each other in a group along with the branches. The fruit changes colour from green to yellow and at the end when its harvest time it is dark red.

Coffee Arabica | Robusta

The most famous of coffee are Arabica and Robusta but Arabica is considered a better quality coffee and began to be produced in 1753 in Ethiopia. Its taste and smell and aroma are very aromatic. Caffeine has 1.5%.

Coffee Robusta began to be produced a century later in 1898 in Zaire, today’s Democratic Republic of Congo. Its stem can grow 10 meters, and it is resistant to weather changes, resistant to 30 degrees. Robusta is mostly produced in Vietnam, Indonesia, Uganda, Ivory Coast and India. It has about 2.5% caffeine, so it tastes bitter and much lower quality coffee and cheaper than Arabica.

Today, coffee is a mixture of these two types. Harvested Arabica berries contain two halves of coffee beans. Of course, there are also berries with slightly more coffee beans. Depending on the quality and all the above conditions, one Arabica stalk can yield up to five kilograms of coffee beans! Those that are less fertile and more successful due to climatic and other conditions, bring up to half a kilo of coffee beans.


This is the basis for all subsequent variations. The amount of coffee needed for making is 7g or one dose of coffee. The coffee is placed in a sieve, the sieve in the machine and after 7-10 sec, the coffee is ready. Small Espresso cups are usually used. The quality of brewed coffee depends on the optimized size of ground coffee, water temperature and filtration time. This coffee is very strong so not many cups of coffee are recommended. All these other types of Macchiato coffee are made on the basis or Espresso, Cafe Late, Cafe Latte macchiato, Cappuccino, Caffe Mocha, Esspresso coffee foam, Boiled coffee or homemade coffee. We will get to know about these a little later

Homemade coffee

If you are a coffee lover, you will probably buy raw coffee Arabica beans that are greenish. It is fried in the oven, stirring successively with a wooden spoon. It smokes a lot when the oven opens so you better not try it if you don’t know what you’re doing. when the grains are dark brown in colour they are taken outside or on the balcony to cool down. cover with a cloth until completely cooled. When roasting there are shavings of pieces that are not good, it is removed by blowing in that coffee or a light wind lifting a full spoon of coffee into the air and acting slowly washes away unnecessary particles. Then it is needed to pack in a tin box.

Method of preparation

Put cold water in the pan. Before it boils, pours a small cup of water. When the water boils, add the amount of coffee. Return to the fire to boil and add the water from the cup. Let the cream rise to the edge of the bowl and do not allow the coffee to remain without cream, without bubbles. Then you can enjoy your coffee and cookies.

Coffee Arabica and Coffee Robusta

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