The Most Important Mineral | Valuable | Zinc For Our Body

Zinc is one of the most important super minerals that helps the body build the immune system. Zinc and vitamin C are very powerful allies in the fight against colds and flu. We often forget about zinc and we often attribute this lack of minerals to the lack of other vitamins and minerals.

Zinc is one of the most important super minerals and helps the body build the immune system. Vitamin C and zinc minerals are very powerful allies in the fight against colds and flu. We often forget about zinc and we often attribute this lack of minerals to the lack of other vitamins and minerals. So most of the world’s population suffers from a deficiency of zinc in their body.

The symptoms of zinc deficiency in the body we can notice physically are on the skin, nails and hair. These are dry skin, acne, frequent skin inflammations, skin infections, difficult wound healing, brittle and dry hair and white spots on the nails.


  • fish and seafood,
  • crabs shellfish,
  • tuna,
  • milk and dairy products,
  • eggs,
  • grains(whole),
  • almonds, peanuts
  • peas
  • meat, veal liver

People who are vegetarians may consume more zinc minerals than people who eat meat.


  1. Treat pigment disorders on the skin suck as melasma and hyperpigmentation
  2. It is needed for the development and growth of new cells in the body
  3. Participates in the synthesis of proteins and DNA
  4. Prevents premature skin ageing by improving collagen production
  5. Improves brain function
  6. Reduces dandruff
  7. And reduces the absorption and deposition of metals in the body(lead, cadmium).

We have zinc on the market in many cosmetic and dermatological products that can be found in the form of thick pastes, creams, lotions, emollients of zinc vitamin fats. Zinc acts on the skin by preventing the development of bacteria, cleaning the pores, has an anti-inflammatory effect and reduces redness. Zinc is used in products called mineral protective factors because zinc remains on the surface and repels the suns rays and these preparations are intended for sensitive skin, children’s skin and skin allergic to the sun.

Useful Advice | Everything You Need For Beautiful Skin

Without proper protection, our skin dries out and dandruff when in contact with the sun

Exposure of the skin to the sun is useful if the limit is not exceeded but if the limits exceeded, effects begin if protection is not used. In the skin under the influence of the suns rays, capillaries expand, which increases circulation. This protects the skin and helps flush out harmful substances. Quality circulation is a basic prerequisite for good functioning and its beauty. In addition, the skin produces vitamin D, which is necessary for the growth of healthy teeth and bones.

Without proper protection, our skin dries out and dandruff when in contact with the sun. If we forget that and do not consult a dermatologist, the symptoms can continue even more. Itchy skin can appear on the skin and if we still decide to go in the sun on the beautiful beaches that are slowly waking up it is necessary to abide by the rules to try to protect ourselves from ultraviolet radiation.

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Useful Advice Everything You Need For Beautiful Skin

When exposed to the sun, be sure to use>

Protective moisturizers(apply to skin every 2 hours)

From 11 am to 16 pm get away from sunny beaches( at that time ultraviolet radiation is strongest)

Even if you are in the shade, remember that 50% of ultraviolet radiation passes through those places as well

Protect your head with hats, caps or scarves

protect your eyes (use better sunscreens that have a UV filter)

But if we return from the beach so red dandruff and unpleasant itching will continue even more Dermatologists claim that allergic reactions can occur because the skin is already irritated. They recommended Zincbased preparations.  Dermatologist advises us to change our habits such as tobacco and alcohol, dead skin must be removed with exfoliation, which is very important to do at least once a week, Dermatologist then recommended that we apply moisturizers or lotions to create a barrier between the skin and external factors. Coconut oil-based preparations are suitable for dandruff-prone skin.

Tip: showering with very hot water should be avoided because it additionally dries the skin- lukewarm water should be used. The use of air conditioners indoors dries the air and this additionally has a bad effect. It would be best to visit our dermatologist before choosing cosmetics because if we choose inappropriate aggressive cosmetics that contain artificial fragrances, we can do more harm than good. If you can’t go to a dermatologist, my advise is to try hypoallergenic products, they will not lead to irritation or dandruff.


Advice For Long And Healthy Life | Eating And Activities

We all want to live a long and healthy life and for that, we need a healthy diet and do sports activities!

We all want to live a long and healthy life and for that, we need a healthy diet and do sports activities! Many of us do not know what a healthy diet is, so I will try to explain from my own experience in this blog.

Different Type of Diet Advice For Long And Healthy Life

Namely, each body needs a different type of diet, but one basic rule that applies everyone is 5 meals every day. Divers in small quantity.

Eating And Activities

This does not mean that you need to have only two types of food on the plate but rather properly distributed for healthy eating you need 1\4 starch (rice, bread, legumes potato) 1\4 protein (meat, fish, cheese) 1\2 vegetables (tomato, carrot, broccoli, lettuce, green beans, mushroom, spinach). The fruit is the best to eat 2 hours before or 2 hours after a meal. Milk or yoghurt with a meal. Water is very important in a healthy diet. It is necessary to drink 1.5 l ~2.00 l of water a day. There is one rule that says “Drink water even if you, not thirsty.”

There are some of my recommendations for the daily meal. I note that each organism is different and you should choose what suits you. Breakfast should be done by 8 am. Muesli, cereal, yoghurt, toast, fruit shake without added sugars. A snack should be around 11 am fruits in small quantities. Lunch until 2 pm potatoes, rice, beans, carrots, any vegetable cook in water but not overcooked because they will lose their properties, with a fish meal. Another snack around 5 pm with fruit, and dinner.

I respond it to be done at 8 pm (vegetable salad with olive oil). If you are one athlete or practice sport and if you eat improperly you will not be able to follow efforts of your body soon. Your results will become worse over time. Not only that but the athlete can also endanger their health. Especially if they are a young person who has not yet riched their full development. The body needs to provide what to need it. Proper nutrition is the foundation of a healthy life.

The Best Ways To Deal With Anger And Reduce Stress

The Best Ways To Deal With Anger And Reduce Stress

1.Remember to eat healthy food, sleep and be active.

 If you are in a fever of all jobs, you may forget to take care of your body. Due to trauma or nervousness, you have to drink water and eat healthy food. A cup of tea will also help. In addition to remembering to hydrate and eat, you also need to sleep. So you will be sure that your body and soul have enough time to rest and recharge. Keep your energy levels high and help you stay grounded in your body. You also have to be active. Studies conducted in 2018 found that 45 minutes of exercise each week can help reduce the number of bad mental days by 40%. Take care of your health.

2. Keep your emotions

He does not give up. Werder, it is anger, sadness, fear or exhumation, know that you have every right to feel the way you feel. Take time for yourself to sit and recognize what emotions are being imposed on you. It can help you talk to a trusted. Embrace your anger. Calm down. Remember that your anger is a tool for change. It is an important emotion that signals your needs.

3.Turn your anger into action.

Use your emotions for potential actions. There is always more work to do. It is also a great time to educate yourself. Many other educators and activists create excellent resources and spaces for those who want to take learning and action seriously.



Your breath is a useful means of grounding. If you pause to inhale, you deactivate the fear centre of your brain and return to a calmer, more rational part of your brain. In just a few minutes of intentional breathing, you can reduce your heart rate and significantly alleviate new stress. It will not make all of your emotions go away but it can help you immobilize them.

Take care of Your Health

The Best Workout Tips | Advice For Properly Eating

The Best Workout Tips | Advice For Properly Eating


You should really start to workout at home.

It is very healthy and good for you.

How about some tips for a normal home workout.


Always warm-up before a workout. This is surprisingly the most important part of the training. Why? Because it warms up your muscles so there is less of a chance to pull a muscle or get injured. You could by jogging and then a leg, arm and head rotation.

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Follow those Workout tips and Advice

    1. Always stay on the same diet. Also, have a healthy diet. That does NOT mean eat salad all day and every day. It meant eating the right portion of every type of food. Do not eat a lot of junk food or else you will regain that body fat over again and it will seem as it does not work for you. It is most probably because you are eating wrongly.
    2. Do not starve yourself. Some people think that tho lose weight they need to starve themselves. This is NOT the solution. Eat whenever you need to but do not eat too much. Also do not eat or drink too much before and during training.
    3. Do not start off with exercises that are too hard for you. You may start off with lifting light weights and then slowly start to tune your workout more. You will notice improvement, and when you do, continue to tune up your workout. Never start off with something you can not do. These are all of my tips. I hope they were helpful.
    4. Do not start off with exercises that are too hard for you. Start off with what is good for you and slowly you will see improvement. Then slowly tune your workout more. These were my tips for workouts, I hope they helped.

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