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The mosquito is an insect that spoils our enjoyment with its bites on summer days. They are found

all over the world. The mosquito-like to be close to the water where they like to lay eggs.

The length of the adult mosquito is 1.6-12.5 mm. Their wings are narrow and long. In the world have are about 3300 species of mosquitoes. 

The mosquitoes are considered to be carriers of diseases such as malaria, West Nile fever, filariasis, Zika, dengue…

There are three most important genera of mosquitoes and these are Aedes, Culex, Anopheles.

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Mosquito Development

As I have already hinted, water is needed for mosquitoes to develop.

The females lay eggs in the water. After the egg phase there is a larval (larva), so pupa (pupa) and adult of mosquito. The female lays 150 to 400 eggs during her lifetime.

Why they bite you

Learn Way Mosquito Bits You | Do You Have Sweet Blood

In the people it is said “you have sweet blood” but whether it is so or something else attracts mosquitoes. The female and the male feed exclusively on plant nectar. There is no protein in these plants. In order for a female to be fertilized, she needs blood. She likes to eat the blood of animals as well as humans.

Mosquitoes have antennae on their head and can sense up to 30 meters away from a person releasing 300 different chemicals through the skin. Namely, the female chooses who she will bite and who she will not. For that, he includes all his senses. This is why are you the Target of a Mosquito.

Yellow and tiger mosquitoes are attracted to lactic acid while eye mosquitoes are attracted to a fatty acid.

There is a belief that people who eat a lot of garlic repel mosquitoes but this is not verified information. So it is not “sweet blood” your chemicals that evaporate through the skin that attract mosquitoes.
Namely, if you are planning a holiday by the stream by the sea, (near Mediterrane sea) bring protective sprays or wipes.
Which can protect you from unwanted bites?


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