Zinc is one of the most important super minerals and helps the body build the immune system. Vitamin C and zinc minerals are very powerful allies in the fight against colds and flu. We often forget about zinc and we often attribute this lack of minerals to the lack of other vitamins and minerals. So most of the world’s population suffers from a deficiency of zinc in their body.

The symptoms of zinc deficiency in the body we can notice physically are on the skin, nails and hair. These are dry skin, acne, frequent skin inflammations, skin infections, difficult wound healing, brittle and dry hair and white spots on the nails.


  • fish and seafood,
  • crabs shellfish,
  • tuna,
  • milk and dairy products,
  • eggs,
  • grains(whole),
  • almonds, peanuts
  • peas
  • meat, veal liver

People who are vegetarians may consume more zinc minerals than people who eat meat.


  1. Treat pigment disorders on the skin suck as melasma and hyperpigmentation
  2. It is needed for the development and growth of new cells in the body
  3. Participates in the synthesis of proteins and DNA
  4. Prevents premature skin ageing by improving collagen production
  5. Improves brain function
  6. Reduces dandruff
  7. And reduces the absorption and deposition of metals in the body(lead, cadmium).

We have zinc on the market in many cosmetic and dermatological products that can be found in the form of thick pastes, creams, lotions, emollients of zinc vitamin fats. Zinc acts on the skin by preventing the development of bacteria, cleaning the pores, has an anti-inflammatory effect and reduces redness. Zinc is used in products called mineral protective factors because zinc remains on the surface and repels the suns rays and these preparations are intended for sensitive skin, children’s skin and skin allergic to the sun.


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